Trying 2021 Nail Art Trends

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Abida Haider
Abida Haider 27 minutter siden
" Life is too short to have boring nails " - Cristine ( without a ' h ' ) 2021
Emawee33 2 timer siden
I’m trying to stop biting them 😭😭 big sad I’ve been biting for like 7-8 years so this is a big step for me
Angela :]
Angela :] 8 timer siden
Yk shes Canadian when she says “freezie” 😌
jasmine 10 timer siden
'roll the taco' is my new favourite thing
ʏᴜᴛᴀꜱ ʟᴏɴɢ ʜᴀɪʀ
ʏᴜᴛᴀꜱ ʟᴏɴɢ ʜᴀɪʀ 11 timer siden
I was biting my nails at 8:32 and I immediately stopped Yes 2021, it is
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 11 timer siden
The fact that Cristine’s hair is in a ponytail and still almost at hip length blows my mind
ii_xcherryx Yt
ii_xcherryx Yt 15 timer siden
Can u make a video on giving tips on how to help your nails grow
Anaiz Lee
Anaiz Lee 16 timer siden
omg you post this video on my birthday i love your videos sooo much
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 11 timer siden
Oh my gosh I had a subscription to Allure! It came in the mail! The internet and desktop printers killed the printing business- but I digress.
Gabriella berezina
Gabriella berezina 20 timer siden
Gabriella berezina
Gabriella berezina 20 timer siden
Gabriella berezina
Gabriella berezina 20 timer siden
red barron 0939
red barron 0939 21 time siden
Alejandra Alvarez
Alejandra Alvarez 21 time siden
The negative space thing is actually quite genius. I have to try it, I use shellac and that shit is LASTING.
Sahitya Reddy
Sahitya Reddy 21 time siden
my god, she explains nail art like physics. I'm impressed :D
tia kastiro
tia kastiro 21 time siden
The way i started biting my nails THE MOMENT SHE WAS LIKE:”Dont bite your nails” Felt like a child getting scolded☠️
Geno Richie
Geno Richie 23 timer siden
The pink nails gave me mean girl realness
Vanda Juozaitienė
Vanda Juozaitienė Dag siden
Christine simp for simply me: simp for simp xc
paris noe
paris noe Dag siden
sooo yk. try making nail polish with all your holo glitters........???? gooouuorgEOUS
Kiterpuss Dag siden
Okay but those iridescent pink nails at 9:50 really need to be a Holo Taco polish. Like I really want iridescent rainbow nails now.
Emilia playss
Emilia playss Dag siden
6:45 wow I didn’t know she was a simp lmao
River Stephens
River Stephens Dag siden
I haven’t watched in so long but I’m so happy Cristine still has the same intro
jade black
jade black Dag siden
why that 60's design,,, they meant the cute squiggles not thattttt :(
Matthew Warren
Matthew Warren Dag siden
Me, all smug like when Cristine is scolding us: hehe I don't bite my nails Also me: proceeds to pick at and rip off my nails
anni dee
anni dee Dag siden
Oh my gosh I had a subscription to Allure! It came in the mail! The internet and desktop printers killed the printing business- but I digress.
Willow Lunn
Willow Lunn Dag siden
her: inspiring us to stop biting nails me: *with anxiety and biting my nails for the past 11 years of my life* thankyou but no
cote garver
cote garver Dag siden
Christene you should do painting my cats nails with their holo
Stella-Irene Collins
Stella-Irene Collins Dag siden
Ever since I started watching Simply for like 6 years, my nails has always had nail polish on them!! Thick, long and healthy 😻
Ellaaleah Dag siden
Aditi Soni
Aditi Soni Dag siden
But what about the lesbians?
Thegrungefreak_90 Dag siden
16:04 junko blood polish 👀
Liah Malfoy
Liah Malfoy Dag siden
When she said “stop biting your nails” I felt attacked😭
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dager siden
Me: wants to grow out nails and wear cool nail polish Also me: a pianist
Zach Kitty
Zach Kitty 2 dager siden
Omg where did you get that jacket!? It’s flippin so cute!
Delena4ever #TVD
Delena4ever #TVD 2 dager siden
i file my fake nails so they fit better and look natural
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dager siden
i think i just woke up one day and forgot who you where.
iiPez 2 dager siden
12:14 mickey mouse
Judaea Achampion
Judaea Achampion 2 dager siden
Can we get a video on what to not use for acrylics such as mma and what to use ema?
Existing. Exe
Existing. Exe 2 dager siden
Simply: and this secret-“ Me: hyu hyu hyu I smell more halo taco
Rhianna Williams
Rhianna Williams 2 dager siden
I took my acrylics off the other week and I’m left with 9 1/2 nails almost my whole nail came of with the acrylic
Simply alllogical
Simply alllogical 2 dager siden
I had a dream about you and you sold your cats to me
Anneline Marx
Anneline Marx 2 dager siden
But I still love you
Dino_Draws 2 dager siden
itsinourheads2 2 dager siden
My nails are so sad I had my acrylics removed because they burned my finger and cut me and I figured I should take a break. It is gonna take forever for them to heal and grow but I'm going to try to grow my natural nails.
Natasha Arnstad
Natasha Arnstad 2 dager siden
Can you do a multiple nail wrap review? Like colorstreet vs rarity vs dashing diva type thing?
Night Mare
Night Mare 2 dager siden
My nails are too hard to bite through them- I guess I can bite them without them getting shorter...
Julia Wiggs
Julia Wiggs 2 dager siden
I'm so excited for this years launches!!
seraphic 3 dager siden
girl we need to get you a holo mask
Maddison Holdsworth
Maddison Holdsworth 3 dager siden
Plz do not using my nail polish brand and only using my mail polish brand nail art
Whats-My-Fandom 3 dager siden
Multicolors is a 2021 trend? I've been doing that LONG before this year. Catch up internet! lol I go to fake nails when I'm too lazy to bother with my own/or they have really cool designs I have no hope of accomplishing on my own! 14:39 LOVE that color myself! 17:16 LOVE!
Jianna Vega
Jianna Vega 3 dager siden
Kaushi Mundru
Kaushi Mundru 3 dager siden
i think i just woke up one day and forgot who you where.
The PixiGlow
The PixiGlow 3 dager siden
@Simply Nailogical Where you do be getting that holo mask tho? I looked for one this whole past year!!
Fifi Is Here
Fifi Is Here 3 dager siden
I don't know what was better, the simp nails or the mask nails. I giggled at both. They look great XD
Alex Gatto
Alex Gatto 3 dager siden
I laughed so hard at the medical mask mani XD
TheMagdalenaBB 3 dager siden
I have done the different colour on each nail out of why not and boredom :-p
brosephone m
brosephone m 3 dager siden
The fact that this was filmed BEFORE the capitol raid
Cara Jean Dallison Easton
Cara Jean Dallison Easton 3 dager siden
People who are watching 24th of February 2021 in Britain be like nahh fam! We living! 😎
Camille Panish
Camille Panish 3 dager siden
She should have written, “my tea” on the nails
Elvin Öğüdücü
Elvin Öğüdücü 3 dager siden
U look so much alike to my ex i cant frickin get over whenever i see ur videos and ur face im tryin my best to not burst in tears
Tchity Morales
Tchity Morales 3 dager siden
Cristine, they are WAY TOO MUCH secrets into this video Just shut your mouth.
miss_derp_ has_arrived
miss_derp_ has_arrived 3 dager siden
Her: grow out your nails Me a lesbian: you trying to kill me
Potate Club
Potate Club 4 dager siden
Lol somehow I completely missed out that there is background music behind every video... I’ve been here since polish mountain XD.
sunmi's child
sunmi's child 4 dager siden
"grow out your nails" me: *confused in ukulele playing*
E V E Dag siden
**screams in electric guitar**
Cherry Rose
Cherry Rose 3 dager siden
Me: confused in violinist
Jemima L
Jemima L 4 dager siden
Please put a hollo taco on the states 😂.
Noel Goulette
Noel Goulette 4 dager siden
I don’t bite my nails but mine are naturally brittle and weak
Noel Goulette
Noel Goulette 4 dager siden
The way you say eczema makes me cringe only because I have it and have been saying it ek-sima not ek-zeema but you know I maybe wrong
Happily Sappily
Happily Sappily 4 dager siden
I picked up that black and holo mask (or at least one extremely similar) from my local hobby lobby -in case anybody wants one like it. I love it!
Emmy Lucas
Emmy Lucas 4 dager siden
My nail shape doesn’t look like yours and also chips all the time and I don’t even bite them 😢
Emmy Lucas
Emmy Lucas 4 dager siden
Why do you pronounce eczema like that 😭😭😭 it’s pronounced exz-ma
XD HELLOO!! 4 dager siden
Simone Fumei
Simone Fumei 4 dager siden
who just came from the arms vid and heard a regular vid and was like " O yaaa"
Eleanor Schouten
Eleanor Schouten 4 dager siden
You know simply nailogical you should wear less makeup when you show your merch
Sarah Alvizo
Sarah Alvizo 4 dager siden
The pic of christine with the mask nail art.....girl your eye color is STUNNING!
Cowberry Plays
Cowberry Plays 4 dager siden
Simply: uh like the I have no talent Me: 😃 I can’t even do a solid follow with out smudging it making it lumpy or a diff reason -
Nicki Gregersen
Nicki Gregersen 4 dager siden
It was using the cat as a background for me 😂😂😂😂
Shelby Poggers
Shelby Poggers 4 dager siden
Dude it’s been 3 years and sis has the same intro and I respect that
Amber Lynnn
Amber Lynnn 4 dager siden
Welcome back cat wall clock, it's been a while
Rebecca Caraballo
Rebecca Caraballo 4 dager siden
I loved the 70s look. Maybe just in modern colors?
Boba Boi
Boba Boi 4 dager siden
It's been 3 months since i've checked on simply
mimo _
mimo _ 4 dager siden
So im 26 and I didnt realize this until recently but.. Did you know theres some people who never paint their nails?? I mean i obviously knew this lol but I became much more aware of it recently and started paying attention to who does and who doesnt.. And judging the ones who dont 😂 ..jk!! But one of my few memories left from childhood was my mom always painting mine and my sisters nails, we always had a shitload of nail polish and I just followed with that trend the rest of my life so its natural for me. I remember friends coming over and being like damn why you have so much nail polish? To me its not a lot..i just like having options.its weird to me that people never paint their nails.. Like why NOT?
ThatCamaroChik 4 dager siden
I made 2020 my year! ❤ for the first time in my entire life, i have long, strong beautiful nails!
Chew Tzi Qi
Chew Tzi Qi 4 dager siden
I think 2021 might be good for me cause my textbook is HOLO💿💿💿
If i was able to do the second one, I would like to do HOLO
Sharon Chua
Sharon Chua 5 dager siden
16:17 YESSS we're gonna add nail vinyls next!! Miss this soooo much ❤ Can't wait for the upcoming holo taco polishes this year
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 5 dager siden
The fact that Cristine’s hair is in a ponytail and still almost at hip length blows my mind
Anjali goel
Anjali goel 5 dager siden
Cristine nails are not yellow she has nail polish in her blood
A Random Person
A Random Person 5 dager siden
Rhylii and Lilly
Rhylii and Lilly 5 dager siden
Is that orange shade zylers nailpolish
Caitie rogers
Caitie rogers 5 dager siden
will you please send me that feel good green nail polish please 🥺
Rina's Adventures
Rina's Adventures 5 dager siden
Okay, but how did she know I wanted to stop biting my nails, again...🤔😅😳
Super Powers
Super Powers 5 dager siden
No one: Cristine: coming at me for biting my nails It's a bad habit
Meghan Bastien
Meghan Bastien 5 dager siden
Watching her do nail art again really makes me wish I could wear nail polish at work :(
Selina Tu
Selina Tu 5 dager siden
Have you ever learn how to draw?
Emma Griffith
Emma Griffith 5 dager siden
I love how you have the patience for this😅
Adenine 2000
Adenine 2000 5 dager siden
Wish I had nails as long as Cristine’s, my nails always break or I pick at them. I always end up wearing stick on’s or getting acrylics
Miley MooMoo
Miley MooMoo 5 dager siden
simply is like the british, she loves tea and is completely insane.
Kim Boyer
Kim Boyer 5 dager siden
8:31 why but she sound like Doctor Mike xD
Positive Panda
Positive Panda 5 dager siden
I have a disability which means I can’t use my right hand properly so I have to use my nails as tools to do stuff otherwise I ould paint them (if I could)
Maisie 5 dager siden
Don't hate on pistachios.
Alexa O.o
Alexa O.o 5 dager siden
She looks. like my counselor
•Killua_Is_ So_Gay•
•Killua_Is_ So_Gay• 5 dager siden
⚠️ If you have been having a bad day or need a bit of support, you do can continue reading ⚠️ So, I see you are having a rough time on 2020 or 2021. But hey! No need to feel down! You have many people by your side, even your loved ones who have passed away! If you ever need someone to talk to, you can talk to me for anything! Just remember, you are loved and I care about you! Have a good day/night!
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